Firefighter McPadden Pipes and Drums

Founded in 2009, and based in Goshen, New York , Firefighter McPadden Pipes and Drums (FFM) established a mission to provide the Hudson Valley with a pipe band focused on competition and performances. FFM has accepted the challenge of building a roster of capable and talented members - implementing a teaching program designed for learners of all ages to become successful and accomplished pipers and drummers.

Firefighter Robert McPadden

The band is named in memory of Firefighter Robert McPadden who gave his life in heroic efforts during the World Trade Center tradgedy on September 11, 2001. Robert (Bob) McPadden was a pipe band drummer and an aspiring piper. We honor his memory through good music, humor, camaraderie and teaching.


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  • Chris Armstrong Workshop
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  • Stuart Liddell Workshop


Tom Burnham, Pipe Major

Rob Bennett
Justin Bourne
Liz Burnham
Joe Burns
Chris Donovan
Mike Duigan
Tom Engles
John English
Todd Ferrie
Dan Foley
Michelle Gaglione
Stephen Gara
Chris McGraw
Ian Mertens
Mike Peyton
Billy Schade
Ciaran Smith
Erik van der Leeuw


Topher Knight, Drum Sergeant
Caroline Burnham
Tommy Burnham
Lindsay Gara
Bill McMonigle
Mike Minnock
Jim Richardson
Pete Ryan
Mike McMenemon - Founding Life Member


Email: Tom Burnham, Pipe Major


Musically, FFM draws on the strong traditions of the Scots-Irish that have been brought to the United States. These musical traditions have not only been preserved by the band but are in fact thriving musical genres. The band is building a rich repertoire comprised of traditional music including marches, strathspeys, reels, jigs, hornpipes and melodic airs. This music is taught and preserved in as dedicated and careful manner possible. In this way the traditional music of the bagpipes and drums will provide the foundation upon which all other music the band performs is built. The band rehearses each Thursday night at 7:00 in the Cataract Firehouse in Goshen, NY. Beginners, as well as experienced players, are invited to join. For more information please contact: Tom Burnham, Pipe Major
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